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Shepard Publications is a U.S. publisher of books by Aaron Shepard (children’s author and writer on self publishing), Mark Shepard, and Anne L. Watson. Imprints include Simple Productions, Skyhook Press, The Story Project, Next River Books, and Shepard & Piper. We are author-owned and -operated, and proud of it! (But if you’re with a bookseller or library, don’t worry, because you can easily get most of our books through major suppliers.) We are located in Bellingham, Washington.

We thrive with limited resources and personnel by exploiting opportunities offered by the evolving technologies of the Internet, print on demand, and ebooks. Unfortunately, this means we do not have the means to offer all the services and terms considered standard in the book trade. We’re sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this might cause.

Book List

Here’s a list of our books currently available. Most links take you to author sites.

Home Crafts

Smart Soapmaking ~ Anne L. Watson
Milk Soapmaking ~ Anne L. Watson
Smart Lotionmaking ~ Anne L. Watson
Castile Soapmaking ~ Anne L. Watson
Cool Soapmaking ~ Anne L. Watson
Smart Housekeeping ~ Anne L. Watson
Smart Housekeeping Around the Year ~ Anne L. Watson


Baking with Cookie Molds ~ Anne L. Watson
Cookie Molds Around the Year ~ Anne L. Watson
Simple Sourdough ~ Mark Shepard


Living Apart Together ~ Anne L. Watson
The Gentleman’s Handbook ~ Aaron Shepard

Writing and Publishing

The Business of Writing for Children ~ Aaron Shepard
Adventures in Writing for Children ~ Aaron Shepard
From Word to Kindle ~ Aaron Shepard
Pictures on Kindle ~ Aaron Shepard
HTML Fixes for Kindle ~ Aaron Shepard
Aiming at Amazon ~ Aaron Shepard
POD for Profit ~ Aaron Shepard
Perfect Pages ~ Aaron Shepard

Language Arts

Stories on Stage ~ Aaron Shepard
Folktales on Stage ~ Aaron Shepard
Readers on Stage ~ Aaron Shepard


How to Love Your Flute ~ Mark Shepard
Simple Flutes ~ Mark Shepard


Circles of Delight ~ Aaron Shepard

Social Issues

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths ~ Mark Shepard
The Community of the Ark ~ Mark Shepard
Gandhi Today ~ Mark Shepard


The Atlantis Dialogue ~ Plato, ed. Aaron Shepard

Literary Novels

Skeeter ~ Anne L. Watson
Pacific Avenue ~ Anne L. Watson
Joy ~ Anne L. Watson
Flight ~ Anne L. Watson
Cassie’s Castaways (Island Women, Book 1) ~ Anne L. Watson
Willow’s Crystal (Island Women, Book 2) ~ Anne L. Watson
Benecia’s Mirror (Island Women, Book 3) ~ Anne L. Watson
A Chambered Nautilus ~ Anne L. Watson
Departure ~ Anne L. Watson

Children’s Chapter Books

Timothy Tolliver and the Bully Basher ~ Aaron Shepard
The Mountain of Marvels (Skyhook World Classics, Book 1) ~ Aaron Shepard
The Songs of Power (Skyhook World Classics, Book 2) ~ Aaron Shepard
The Magic Flyswatter (Skyhook World Classics, Book 3) ~ Aaron Shepard
The Monkey King (Skyhook World Classics, Book 4) ~ Aaron Shepard
The Swan Knight (Skyhook World Classics, Book 5) ~ Aaron Shepard
The Man Who Sang to Ghosts ~ Aaron Shepard

Children’s Picture Books

Skeeter and the Weasels ~ Aaron Shepard, Anne L. Watson
The Secret of Gingerbread Village ~ Anne L. Watson
Quackling ~ Aaron Shepard, Wendy Edelson
Katie Mouse and the Christmas Door ~ Anne L. Watson
Katie Mouse and the Perfect Wedding ~ Anne L. Watson
Christmas Truce ~ Aaron Shepard, Wendy Edelson
The Baker’s Dozen ~ Aaron Shepard, Wendy Edelson
The Sea King’s Daughter ~ Aaron Shepard, Gennady Spirin
The Adventures of Mouse Deer ~ Aaron Shepard, Kim Gamble
The Legend of Lightning Larry ~ Aaron Shepard, Toni Goffe

Adult Coloring Books

The Baker’s Dozen Coloring Book ~ Wendy Edelson, Aaron Shepard


Songs of Flesh, Songs of Spirit ~ Mark Shepard

Ordering Info

Individuals. We cannot supply books directly. Most of our titles are available through your favorite bookstore or online bookseller.

Retailers. You can order most of our titles through major book wholesalers, including:

We will fill orders directly only if you have no account with any supplier above. Please see our Wholesale Terms and Conditions.

Schools and Libraries. You can order from your favorite bookstore or online bookseller, or from one of the book wholesalers above, or from one of the following library suppliers.

We will fill orders directly only if you have no account with any supplier above. Please see our Wholesale Terms and Conditions.


Sorry, we do not consider submissions or queries. Please do not send!


Sorry, we do almost everything ourselves.